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:iconmekong-catfishplz: Fishes
:iconjpt-rexplz: Dinosaurs
:icontamaki-plz: Anime stuffs
:icondittplz: Super handsome and macho hero
:iconklarion-plz: Random crazy villains for the hero to beat up
:iconearthplz: The world for the hero to save
:iconbookplz: A good story and a good inspiration



It seems my laptop is borrowed by my uncle for a while for his presentation at Bogor for two days so I only could finish my fanfic on my phone today using Microsoft Word Mobile. Sorry, Dinzydragon for the inconvenience since I can't use Kisekae on my phone
I'm pretty tiiiiireeeddd after my adventure on Ancol
It seems KyoTamers Eps. 1 will be made tomorrow along with Eps. 2
I will only make the character batch for bigthundermax99 right now
Here's the Burmeisteri Stag Beetle that I just caught at Beetle King DS
Was hoping to get it at Mushiking: Super Collection, but this one is good enough, tho
Now, I'll have to catch a prehistoric marine reptile
bigthundermax99 isuckatGTA djlordsuzaku2

embedded_item1447423541241 by farhan43
Hey, I found your art on an Akame ga Kill Facebook fanpage!!

bigthundermax99, your art has been featured!! Good job!!
Next time, probably my art can be featured as well in a Jurassic World page. My Castoroides drawing has been liked by TheGamingBeaver himself

embedded_item1442492455073 by farhan43
Happy Birthday, Sam Neill
The actor of Alan Grant in JP and JPIII

I hope you'll return in JW2!!
bigthundermax99 djlordsuzaku2 isuckatGTA

embedded_item1442237355033 by farhan43
Nao Tomori died in Episode 11!!
WHY?!!! WHY??!!!
Now I cannot sleep....
I have been haunted by something scarier than FNAF......something called...
One Night at Feels!!!
bigthundermax99 djlordsuzaku2
I caught my first common shark: Smooth Hammerhead Shark!!
Pretty cool, but the body's too thick in this game
It's not pretty hard like the Pelagic Thresher and Shortfin Mako, but it has a huge chunk of health
djlordsuzaku2 isuckatGTA sawnikheoghehg bigthundermax99

embedded_item1441365358238 by farhan43


farhan43's Profile Picture
Farhan Gustama Hartono
Artist | Student | Varied
Name: Tsubasa Ijuuin
Japanese Name: 伊集院翼
Meaning of name: Wings of the Ijuuin Family
Gender: Male
Date and Place of birth: Jakarta, 5 November 1997
Age: 15
Blood Type: B
Ethnicity: Half Japanese-Half Indonesian
Race: Brown Kitsune with single tail, the common type
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Occupation: Can talk to fish and can breath underwater
Hobbies: Gaming, fishing, Anime, paleontology and traveling
Hairstyle: Short blond hair
Attire: Lazuardi Junior High School boys uniform with black framed glass and a blue scarf, a trademark of Ijuuin family (Nazuna wears one)
Favorite food: Fish, cheese and mushrooms
Dislikes: Insects (especially beetles, moths and spiders) and evil

A handsome Kitsune boy from Indonesia. He really loves his mom, Azusa Miura. His dad, Mr. Daisuke Ijuuin died when Tsubasa still in elementary school. He is a kuudere, like Kuroko Tetsuya. He has a strength compared to an arapaima, an appetite compared to a tiger shark and an intelligence higher than Einstein. He is also good at violin, swimming and cooking, especially when it comes to scrumptious dishes made from exotic fishes, except sharks. He is still single and still searching for a perfect girlfriend, a human not higher than 15 years old and a mortal. He once engaged with Ran Yakumo, but stopped due to Ran is a Kitsune like him and also once engaged with Shana, but also stopped early due to Shana is immortal and a Flame Haze, not a human. Now, he is engaged again with Eri Mizutani. He seems to have a strange connection with Makoto Ijuuin, a nine-tailed relative of him from Kugawattan, a country in Planet Starlight. Makoto is not a Kitsune, he is a Kumiho, a Korean version of a Kitsune, because Makoto is a half Japanese-half Korean

Facebook fanpage: Tsuba Brothers Fanpage
Twitter: farhanfishing
Instagram: fargusno_official…
Wattpad: Fargusno
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So, have fun in Farhan43 and enjoy the wonders of Dinos, Fishes, Korean Culture and Anime here!!

:iconheart-plz: People that I like and love :iconheart-plz:
djlordsuzaku2 Good 'ol DJLordSuzaku, a friend that I saved from the trolls. His MMD arts are the best
ThePancakeman23 djlordsuzaku2's RP account and also makes MMD as well
kuraTd djlordsuzaku2's best friend from Twitter
narupajin djlordsuzaku2's best friend from Twitter and makes some hilarious MMD arts
BoggeyDan djlordsuzaku2's friend from Philippines and makes Mecha anime arts such as Valvrave the Liberator and Infinite Stratos
MasterSaruwatari My best friend and a boxing artist
KiraYamato74 First Korean friend!! and her OC Tamao Silver is very cute!!
AzayakaSket KiraYamato74's friend, and also one of the best boxing artists I ever seen. Her OC Isabelle Beaumont is very awesome!!
SusenM74 Joined with me in a feature fanfic called "Dino Duel - The Legend Returns" featuring his OC Michael
Patryk1023 My best friend and his GMod vids are very funny, especially his Smexual TF2
Nikolad92 Best friend from GMod, and a 5-star grade GModder
Marine1337 Gives me advices about Biogoji and hackers as well as cyber crimes
WIKIPEDIAUSER Indonesian deviant and likes weapons and makes a fanfic of my fav arcade game "Time Crisis"
NotoAyako Indonesian, too and makes cute yuri arts
Gexon His OC Lin Xion is very cute and cool
Asuma17 An avid Dinosaur King fan
CrystalPhoenixBlader djlordsuzaku2's friend and his Idolmaster fanfics are very exciting!!
NTamura Makes only the finest and the most accurate dinosaur arts. Some of his arts are in Wikipedia!!
ChavisO2 His comics are very funny and a friend of djlordsuzaku2
Danny-Jay Makes 3d arts and draws fanarts of various video games, as well as my classic favorite Croc!!
X-Nightwatcher-X Her arts are very Fantabulous and an anti-art theft
aoikatsu16plz Friend of djlordsuzaku2
fflkasumi19 An avid fighting game fan and djlordsuzaku2's friend
Ruz18 Makes great 3DCG pics and gives me tips about 3DCG
RedFalcon23 Her OCs are the best!! One of her OC named Nagisa Hayami is featured in "The Great Tsuba Escape" fanfic
Daizua123 Great Kaiju and various arts, also hates Biogoji
Apceros1 Roleplayer. especially Monster Hunter RP
MoarCrossovers Making crossovers of dinosaur and monster movies
SilentDragon64 Former GModder and a good guy to talk with
HitoshiAriga Artist who designed the Generation 6 Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y
MichKon Makes gigantic anime characters in different situations usiing GMod. Also makes car arts in GMod
MMDCharizard Friend of laopokia and makes excellent Kaiju and dinosaur MMD models
Valforwing Makes MMD dinosaurs, as well as Spyro the Dragon and his companion Sparx the Dragonfly. All I need is Gnasty Gnorc and Riptosaurus Rhynocorus/Ripto MMD model
NigiMariomasterCat friend of ThePancakeman23 and also makes MMD arts, and also the first MMD Smexual TF2!!!
Dinzydragon Makes fanarts of light gun games such as Time Crisis, House of the Dead and many more using MS Paint
Shima0021 An Indonesian TF2 player, who also makes GMod arts as well. Friend of djlordsuzaku2
laopokia My best friend and also hates Biogoji. Went down temporarily and he returns again like a Phoenix!!
bigthundermax99 Fossil Fighters and Anime fan. Makes superb Vivosaurs using DeviantArt Muro and uses designs from Anime characters (his Tyrannotitan based of Eren's Titan form is the best!!)
LazardiK A Zoo Tycoon 2 designer from Indonesia. Makes prehistoric fauna from Indonesia and around the world, but mostly from Indonesia such as the Mesozoic marine reptiles from Timor like Globidens and Mixosaurus and Pleistocene Indonesian mammals such as Trinil Tiger, Giant Babirusa and some Indonesian Mastodons
DJ-ENG1E NigiMariomasterCat's friend from USA. He makes MMD videos (especially with Godzilla and Skilentons in it) and also Smexual MMDs
isuckatGTA A newly-joined friend from Australia, who just went back from Vietnam a few months ago. Even though he doesn't do any deviations, he's pretty communicative to me. Now, he's posting game screenshots of his modded Android games. I hope he can help me mod my fishing games as well
sawnikheoghehg The creator of the Moist Shark meme. Very moist indeed. He is also a shark fan like me
PoniatorFilms The creator of The Return to Freddy's series, which is scarier than the original FNAF series except for the 4th game
miachang The dev of Boxing Angel, an upcoming Android game which I'm anticipating now!!
KittyFazCat PoniatorFilms's senpai and her animatronic makes an appearance in The Return to Freddy's alongside Sugar the Cat
ping69413 One of the makers of The Return to Freddy's Remastered. Makes 3D animatronic models using Blender
sakimichan A highly popular artist in DA. Her drawings makes anime characters more realistic, like Square Enix's works such as Gunslinger Stratos and Final Fantasy series
3DHarriliancy The creator of Five Nights at Freddy's: Fredbear, an unofficial sequel with only one animatronic made using the "I'm still here" teaser named Fredbear, which is actually Springtrap
SCP-811Hatena One of djlordsuzaku2 and NigiMariomasterCat's friend and the maker of Lenventures MMD web series
KaiFreshSquidPower NigiMariomasterCat's Inkling friend who has a craving for donuts. Makes Splatoon MMD and GMod pics

:iconripplz: I miss these people :iconripplz:
theF-man Now moving to Pixiv under the name Mik122 since early 2014
Sharkoid Shark conservationist and posts things about shark conservation. Down in 2013/2014
DJLordSuzaku Ye olde account of djlordsuzaku2 filled with troves of good MMD and GMod stuff. Went down in early Ramadhan 2013
Vtorez GModder and friend of djlordsuzaku2, went down in 2014 due to unknown causes
OneTimeZoneAnimator friend of ThePancakeman23. Went down on 2014
Talaghan1997 best friend of laopokia and Marine1337. Went down on late 2014 due to unknown purposes...
charikitten A deviant who helps any other deviants who are bullied, trolled or spammed. Went down in 8 September due to a job
ItsGLaDOS Makes some funny TF2 jokes. Went dead on 2014

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PROPHETOFDEMOPAN Probably the big boss of DEMO-DEMOPAN. He's Ded now
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dontbugmebro What if I told you it's Biogoji
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bugethmenot What part of "Biogoji" you don't understand?
alerkina2 Infamous art thief since 2012
heine3 For commenting "donkey kong fag" in my art "DONG of the Planet of the KONG". Good thing she's Ded
ElOriginalCharacter Hawaiian troll that mocks my friend, and now he's Ded.
Listen to me, Guam is better than Hawaii
Hafa Adai is better than Aloha
Hawaii kills millions of Thresher Sharks and Shortfin Mako Sharks as bycatch and sell them in the Honolulu fish market,
Guam never kill sharks and a good destination for coral reefs and shark diving. They have over 340 species of sharks and rays
OriginalElCharacterTwin account of ElOriginalCharacter

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So, after I got good grades on my report, my mom gave my a reward for that. And you know what? WATCHING FINDING DORY!!!
Right after me and my family had Iftar and prayed Maghrib, we went to Gandaria City at 18:30. The movie starts at 19:00, so I don't have time to play Rhythmvaders or Oreca Battle T-T. B-but today is the Gumi event in Rhythmvaders, but I'll play that later. I bought a caramel popcorn as well as a medium soda for me to eat and drink during movie, while my mom bought the ticket. As the movie starts, I enter the theater and begin to watch Finding Dory!!!!

Before Finding Dory starts, there's a short movie called "Piper", it's about a hungry baby sandpiper learning to overcome aquaphobia. Pretty funny and exciting tho for a short movie. However, Sanjay's Super Team is more exciting due to its action

Review time!!

Compared to the first movie (Finding Nemo), Finding Dory emphasizes on the backstory of the titular Paracanthurus hepatus who's named after Zeus faber, who is none other than Dory. The story not just takes place in the Great Barrier Reef, but also Morro Bay, California. Unlike Nemo, Dory's home is in the......aquarium, which is the Open Ocean exhibit in the Marine Life Institute, a pastiche of Monterey Bay Aquarium and Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium. The graphics are also more realistic and smoother than the first movie, and the fishes looks like their real-life counterparts. Also, Nemo's voice actor is changed. The scenery of the movie is changed, from coral reefs and pelagic waters to kelp forests and huge towering fish tanks. Many marine life that aren't featured in the first movie are here as well, especially mammals, since the first movie only has 1 mammal: the Blue Whale that swallowed Dory and Marlin. Also there's a little flashback of the first movie, where Nemo is kidnapped by the diver after he found out about the "butt" (the boat)

Good thing I didn't watch the Indonesian dub, after bigthundermax99 told me about the dubber is Syahrini and Raffi Ahmad. You know what they sayyyyy... "Dubbing ruins everything", except for Japanese dubs. Japanese dubs made everything awesome!!

On to the favorite characters....

My favorite character would be Destiny, the Whale Shark (Rhincodon typus). It may sound odd for a Whale Shark to live in the waters of California, but Destiny is the most helpful character in the movie. The problem is, she has hypermetropia, and often bumps into the tank walls. In the climax, she finally overcomes her fear of walls, and helps Dory save Nemo and Marlin from being transported to Cleveland along with Hank the Giant Pacific Octopus (Enteroctopus dofleini) and various fishes, including the sneezing Fat Bass (Stereolepis doederleinii) that appeared in the beginning of the Marine Life Institute scene
Destiny the Whale Shark by DashieSparkle

And let us not forget Dory, the main protagonist Palette Surgeonfish (Paracanthurus hepatus) who as short-term memory problems. When I was young, I thought Dory's species was only a fictional species. Until an encounter at SeaWorld Indonesia's (now SeaWorld Ancol) reef tank caught my eye......a real life Dory!!! For a forgetful fish, Dory knows how to solve problems, and usually with an outrageous procedure. Oh and also, just keep swimming...just keep swimming.... Also, Palette Surgeonfish aren't supposed to live in Californian waters, they belong in tropical waters
Finding nemo Issue 4 cover by lazesummerstone

Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! Star!(11/10)

:iconfarhan43::iconsays3plz:I'm speechless to say about the awesomeness of this's just plain too awesome!!

  • ANOTHER masterpiece by Disney and Pixar, and directed by Andrew Stanton like the first movie
  • A movie sequel that I've awaited since I watched Finding Nemo. Other sequels that I expected in the past are Kung Fu Panda 3, Jurassic World and Madagascar 3
  • Realistic scenery and fishes, with looks based of their real-life counterparts. Also features :iconmoarkrabsplz::iconsays3plz: MOAR!! fish species in the background
  • Full 3D-rendered computer graphics
  • Suddenly, Palette Surgeonfishes!! Lots and LOTS of Palette Surgeonfishes!!
  • The World's Most Powerful Pair of Glasses!!! ECHOLOCATION!!!
  • Small amount feels near the end
  • Awesome exhibits that Marine Life Institute has to offer
  • Some funny scenes, especially the one with the Sea Lions, Becky the Common Loon and Bailey the Beluga Whale
  • What would Dory do?
  • :iconmoarkrabsplz::iconsays3plz: MOAR!! of Dory's whale talk
  • Oo-roo!!
  • Bigfin Reef Squid attack at the beginning of the Morro Bay scene, probably foreshadowing the Anglerfish scene from the first movie
    • Destiny is the only shark species in this movie. I mean, Bruce, Anchor and Chum could make some small appearance, or probably some smaller shark species in the Open Ocean tank.... Duh...
    • Some tropical species such as Dory and Destiny are misplaced in subtropical waters
    Fargusno's 2016 Movie Standings:
    1. Finding Dory
    2. Captain America: Civil War
    3. Kung Fu Panda 3
    Step aside, Cap!! There's a new blue guy in town!! Finding Dory brought my childhood back!! Now, these are the movies left I need to watch:
    • Your Lie in April (September 2016)
    • Dr. Strange (November 2016)
    Sorry if I missed Ratchet and Clank T-T, because I didn't have time to watch it. Also Terra Formars didn't get released in Indonesia due to its thick violence, especially the scene with Akita Nanao gets necksnapped by one of the mutant roaches. I hope Your Lie in April is released in Indonesia!!!!!

    Mood: Happy as usual
    Listening: Pearly☆Party by TrySail
    Reading: Nothing
    Watching: Microsoft Sam reads Funny Windows Errors
    Playing: Nothing
    Eating: Nothing, I'm fasting
    Drinking: Nothing, I'm fasting

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